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The Midnight Sun Chronicles

The d20 Modern ruleset can be found online here


21st century Japan, where a hundred million lives tick over like so many wristwatches. A country that has been uncharitably described as simultaneously the most technologically advanced and the most spiritually bankrupt place on earth. A place that has specialised in almost pathologically brushing the unsightly, the inconvenient and the unpleasant under the carpet. Our heroes find themselves adrift in life, and like so many people around them, blissfully disconnected.

However energy, like matter, is only changed, never destroyed. With world wars, human greed and endless examples of hatred behind us, the earth is straining under the weight of its own bad karma. As resolutely forgetful as we strain to become, it is only a matter of time before certain forces return to the surface. Forces older than names. Forces stronger than sunlight.

‘Are you afraid to close your eyes? Afraid there’s nothing left to die? On hills of ice there burns a fire’

- Shina Ringo


A chance set of emails finds our unwitting heroes in the employ of the Thompson company. What awaits them on this, their first job together?

‘What part of “eats people for fun” don’t you understand?’

- Hachiro Shinobu, lead detective on the “char grilled girl” case, makes an off-the-record comment.

GM’s notes

So the campaign is (slowly) beginning to take shape, and as I plan aspects of this wiki, certain dilemmas have presented themselves. I have made a few executive decisions. For instance, the NPC stats will stay in the GM only section, despite this website’s insistence they are chalked up for all to see; I don’t think showing all the NPC stats will improve the play experience for anyone.

Conversely, there may be story and background elements that appear here that not all (or perhaps any of) the PCs should be aware of. I want to present a fleshed out world to the players, so I leave it to you to role-play your PC according to what he or she would know.

Remember that I want your opinions and comments; on style, rules; whatever! Also remember this is a wiki so if you think there is something missing that has cropped up in the game, add it!


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