Jack Mayer

A thrill seeker with a desire to forget the past


Str – 11 (+0) / Dex – 15 (+2) / Con – 13 (+1) / Int – 12 (+1) / Wis – 15 (+2) / Cha – 14 (+2) /

HP – 9 / AC – 15 / Fort – 1 / Ref – 3 / Will – 2 / B.A. – 0 /

Talent – Evasion


Simple Weapon Prof. / Defensive Martial Arts / Personal Firearms Prof. / Point Blank Shot /


Hide – 4 (+2) / Move Silently – 4 (+2) / Drive – 4 (+2) / Sleight of Hand – 4 (+2) / Tumble – 4 (+2) / Speak Language – Japanese, Spanish / Write Language – Japanese, Spanish /


Ducati 1098 (Black) / Leather Jacket / Pen Light / Compass / Deck of Cards /



Jack Mayer was born in New York City on the 27 of January 1981. His mother gave birth to him and his twin brother Luke in Bellevue Hospital. Their parents decided that they did not want to raise children in New York and shortly after their birth Jack and Luke found themselves growing up in the small town of Sugarbush, Vermont. Jack was a sunny child and was always in the company of his brother, Luke.

Their mother was a housewife and their father was a Japanese history professor at NYU. Jack and Luke had an idyllic childhood, if slightly uneventful. They were well educated, due to their father, and were encouraged to read about diverse subjects. There family expanded when their parents had a daughter, Annabell in 1985. The siblings were all close and Annabell joined their little group but was never quite as connected as the twins.

As children their father talked to them frequently of Japan and its history. Jack’s love for the country was cemented when they travelled there for a vacation. The mixture of natural beauty and technological excitement enchanted him. He and his brother vowed to return and strongly believed that this is where their future lay.

It was early into their first year of university that Luke died in an accident. Jack and Luke had been hiking when there was a car crash not far from them. The cars had collided severely and people were trapped. Luke ran to help the people in the cars but Jack didn’t move, he couldn’t move; he froze up staring at the catastrophic scene as the smoke billowed out of the car hood. His brother called for him but he couldn’t even take a step. He desired too but his body simply would not respond. The last thing he remembers was a huge flash.

Jack woke up to the faces of his family looking down upon him. It was them who told him of his brother’s death. The explosion had lodged a piece of shrapnel into his left shoulder and abdomen but besides a few scars and few extra aches later in life, he would be fine. He did not talk about the accident with his family however the report had told them the locations of the sons and it wasn’t difficult to put the pieces together. They never blamed him in any way however Jack no longer felt comfortable in their company as it was a constant reminder of what he had done, or not done depending on how one views it.

After his recovery he returned to University. He could no longer pick up the threads of his life as he frequently looked over at the empty space to his left. Jack unconsciously closed himself off to the world; severing old connections and shunning new ones. He discovered he only really felt things when he was living his life on the very edge. After a series of failed relationships and barely scraping by in University he realized he was getting nowhere with his life. This prompted him into dropping out of University and joining the Marines in 2001.

Things did not go so well in the core as his views clashed thoroughly with most of the other recruits, and his lack of patriotic passion was identified at an early stage. He completed basic training and was posted, by his request, in Okinawa. He settled in much better here as the locals, military and civilian, had significantly laxer views of what the military should represent. He always had a penchant for games of chance and set up a variety of gambling activities for the soldiers. This is what ultimately got him kicked out for conduct unbecoming an officer in 2007.

He mulled around not desiring to return to the U.S. and began a somewhat unsteady relationship with a local girl. It was through her that he developed some superficial connections with the Yakuza. He is now currently employed as a doorman at one of their clubs and has a network of fairly un-reputable friends. He was vastly amused that considering the degree of xenophobia demonstrated by the Japanese the Yakuza is comprised of a large number of Koreans.

Jack believes to be over the accident however he still feels a considerable amount of guilt about his brother’s death. He has unconsciously worked extensively improving his reactions with all manner of dextrous games and constantly jumped at any opportunity that put him in harms way, as if to prove that he will never freeze again. He lives from moment to moment and has very few long-term goals beyond seeking fresh adventure. He feels guilty about removing himself so abruptly from his family without contacting them however he can’t stand to see their sympathetic glances anymore. Recently his sister has tried to contact him through his military connections however now that he no longer is in the marines they have no way of reaching him at all.

Jack is physically fit from his time in the marines. He is 1.85 with brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He can be charming when he tries and this compounded with his good looks make him fairly likeable. His general outfit is a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, cowboy boots and a leather jacket. He lives with his girlfriend and drives a black Ducati 1098.

Jack Mayer

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