Samchak Darvejeran

Thai born petty criminal, performs no-questions-asked surgery in Okinawa. Dedicated Hero Level 1


Strength: 7

Dexterity: 11

Constitution: 8

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 13


  • Hit Points: 8
  • AC: 11
  • Fortitude: +0
  • Reflex: +0
  • Will:+2

Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Surgery, Toughness,

Talent: Skill Emphasis (Bluff)

Skills Forgery:4 Craft Pharmaceutical:4 Treat Injury: 4 Spot:4 Listen:4 Bluff:2 Diplomacy:2


Samchak was born in 1983 to Thai parents of Chinese origin in rural Chiang Mai. Growing up he was asthmatic and anaemic, but a bright child. His parents were poor farmers, but saw the potential in their child and enrolled him into Nakornpayap International School of Chiang Mai, borrowing from a local criminal organisation to provide the funds.

Samchak only spent two years there before his parents were murdered for not being able to pay off their loans. Samchak went to live with his aunt and uncle in Bangkok, and finished his secondary education in a squalid school in the slums of the city. However, his excellent test scores and his brief period of private schooling meant that he was able to secure a place studying medicine at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

In 2004, three years into his medical degree, Samchak fell into the wrong crowds at his college. He began using drugs, notably heroin. He quickly began losing a grip on his life, failing at his studies and often falling into severe illness. The criminal organisation which had lent his parents money chose this moment to call on him for the money his parents owed them. Samchak committed himself into the Bangkok Hospital’s rehab clinic to escape the ugly sinkhole his life had become.

In rehabilitation Samchak met an old Thai fisherman, Kongpor Uyen, being treated for alcoholism. Kongpor and Samchak soon became friends, and Samchak would listen to Kongpor’s endless stories about the beauty of the Okinawan islands he often visited. Samchak resolved to start a new life in Japan and after passing a year in rehab, he moved to Miyako-Jima, in the Okinawa prefecture, leaving his life behind. With no means and only rudimentary Japanese, Samchak again ran into money problems with local organised crime. Faced with the prospect of making the same mistakes again, Samchak offered to use his medical skills to repay them. Within a year he had paid off his debt and ingratiated himself somewhat with the locals.

Samchak is ambitious and diligent. He is a hard worker and learns quickly. His drug addiction and natural ill health have left him physically frail and deficient, and he always does his utmost to evade physical encounters. He sees the value in making as many friends and acquaintances as possible, but keeps most people at a healthy distance. Although his nervous manner puts people off, he has a wheedling manner with words that often gets him what he wants, albeit grudgingly.

Samchak Darvejeran

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